Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hunting Club - Zach O.

"In this project, i started out by adding the wooden background and then darkening the corners/ giving it a gradient overlay. Then I used Hue and Saturation to bring out different colors in the wood.  Next, I used the custom shape tool for the shield, and then gave it a drop shadow, inner shadow, and inner glow. Then i used the wood back ground again, and pressed alt. between layers to combine the shape with the wood. I then used the Ellipse tool to create rivets in the wood, also giving them drop shadows, outer glow, and a gradient overlay. After this, I repeated the process for creating the shield to create the the top board of the shield. finally, I added and edited the text, the guns, and faded an emblem into the wood to finish up the project." - Zach O.