Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anti-Bullying Poster

October is Anti-Bullying month, and students in Photoshop 2 created posters to publicize the event.

"First, I went out and took a picture of the upper commons with my cell phone. It was a lousy picture, so I desaturated the whole thing and adjusted the levels. I also painted the sides and back offices black.
Then came the pretty and upset girl with her hand on her head. I cut her out of another picture, desaturated her as well, and stuck her in the middle. I had to re-size to make her proportionally correct with the tables and chairs to her left. Then I adjusted her levels.
Finally I added the words. They are all things that she is feeling from being bullied.
But something was missing. At the time, I was listening to the band Shinedown on my iPod. Their song "Bully" came on. It was perfect. If you have not heard the song, I highly encourage you to listen to it.
I put the lyrics of the chorus in a space at the bottom, and added the song and band names, and
Boom! Anti- bullying poster."
- Jacob